I Met a Murderer (1939)


British farmer Mark Warrow and his hot-tempered wife, Martha, have a loveless marriage that reaches its breaking point when Martha shoots Mark’s beloved dog. In a rage, Mark murders Martha. On the run following his crime, Mark meets Jo Trent, a seemingly naïve woman who offers him a lift; in fact, she recognizes Mark as the man the police are chasing and is gathering material for a book called “I Met A Murderer” about their time together.

Director: Roy Kellino.
Writers: Pamela Mason, James Mason, Roy Kellino,
Stars: James Mason, Pamela Mason, Sylvia Coleridge, William Devlin, Peter Coke, Esma Cannon, Sheila Morgan, James Harcourt, Sheppy.


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  1. JB Priestley
    August 9, 2021

    Sorry to be a nark, but should probably point out that this was released in April 2020 on Region 2 DVD, and is still very much in print as part of The Renown Films Crime Collection Volume Six: https://www.renownfilms.co.uk/product/the-renown-crime-collection-volume-6/ Still, a brilliant piece of cinema history, as the first British film entirely shot on location.

  2. JB Priestley
    August 9, 2021

    PS I’m working up a list of every British film from 1911-1939 that is currently/ever has been available in an officially licensed home viewing format: https://letterboxd.com/laburnumgrove/list/available-british-cinema-september-1911-to/ – currently only up to 1935, but might be useful for films like this? Hoping to finish it within the next few months, and will keep it updated with new releases from the usual suspects (Network, Renown, BFI Player, Strawberry Media, Screenbound, etc).

    • Jon W.
      August 9, 2021

      Thanks for the info, JB.
      I will leave this one up as I already uploaded it but will definitely pay more attention at the Renown website, I only saw a single disc release when I searched for it and it seemed to be out of print I think it says “Not available” or “out of stock” in Renown’s site, didn’t now it was issued again in that Crime Collection boxset, will double check for any other UK films I upload from now on, the quality I’m sure will be better on that DVD as this one was taken from a Talking Pictures TV airing so if anyone wants to buy it go with the DVD.

      Nice work with that list, on Lbox you usually just see people putting up lists for stuff that’s NOT available on DVD/Bluray etc and not so much for stuff that you can actually go and buy from the official distributors so that’s nice to see. Good luck!

      • JB Priestley
        August 14, 2021

        Cheers for that, Jon – seems a very thought-out approach. Yes, Renown are vaguely notorious for re-releasing and repackaging past titles in new box sets (nothing ever really goes out of print with them for too long), leaving it for diligent viewers to spot when they’re double-dipping. Given they’re the DVD arm of Talking Pictures, it’s likely the DVD quality is roughly comparable (apart from not having to snip around endless bed adverts) – with many titles aired on their station likely to end up released on their DVDs at some point. Many thanks for the kind words on the list, too – very much constructed for my own benefit/attempts to keep track, but hoping it’ll prove useful to someone out there!

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