Heroes of Rock and Roll (1979)


Heroes of Rock ‘n’ Roll is the definitive story of the rock music phenomenon – a highly-entertaining chronicle of 25 years of music and youth in action. The basic ingredients of this special are those rarely-seen film performances that are the milestones of rock history – the greatest stars at their greatest moments. From the vaults of the major motion picture studios comes a wealth of classic footage on film and on tape. And, from a variety of independent sources, this visual history offers newsreel, cinema trailers, interviews, rehearsals and rare private footage.

Director: Malcolm Leo, Andrew Solt.
Writers: Malcolm Leo, Andrew Solt.
Stars: Jeff Bridges (narrator).


Note: Many thanks to Chris for the encoding help.

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  1. George
    October 6, 2021

    I remember watching this as a kid on ABC. Having taped it on VHS, I watched it a lot over the years until I lost it in a house move.

    Today, what I remember the most was the rare footage that I haven’t seen anywhere else before or since. Unfortunately I cannot find a copy anywhere. I don’t think it was ever released other than being broadcast. There are some YT vids but a lot of them have been blocked due to copyright issues.

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