Kiss The Girls and Make Them Die (1966) [English Dub] Original title: Se tutte le donne del mondo... (Operazione Paradiso)


In this spoof of spy films, CIA agent, Kelly, is in Rio De Janeiro spying on a wealthy industrialist, David Ardonian, who secretly plans to turn the world sterile and repopulate it with his harem. UK spy, Susan Fleming, helps Kelly.

Directors: Henry Levin, Dino Maiuri (Italian version).
Writers: Dino Maiuri (story), Jack Pulman and Dino Maiuri (screenplay).
Stars: Mike Connors, Dorothy Provine, Raf Vallone, Terry-Thomas, Margaret Lee, Nicoletta Machiavelli, Beverly Adams, Marilù Tolo, Seyna Seyn, Oliver MacGreevy, Sandro Dori, Jack Gwillim, Andy Ho.


Note: Germany Pay TV copy with synched English audio track added, all credit to pipipip @CG for this fandub job. 

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