I Don’t Buy Kisses Anymore (1992)


Bernie Fishbine is overweight. He stops at the neighborhood store to buy some chocolate kisses every day. This is where he meets Theresa Garabaldi. Then they take the same bus route every evening. Theresa invites Bernie to see her play piano at her father’s restaurant. It is here that she gets him to join a gym. Theresa is in college and gets the idea to write about Bernie’s weight problem for her thesis. She does this without telling Bernie. Meanwhile, Bernie is falling in love with Theresa, and vice versa.

Director: Robert Marcarelli.
Writers: Jonnie Lindsell, R. Ross Meszaros (additional dialogue).
Stars: Jason Alexander, Nia Peeples, Lainie Kazan, Lou Jacobi, Eileen Brennan, David Bowe, Michele Scarabelli, Hilary Shepard, Marlena Giovi, Ralph Monaco, Arleen Sorkin, Cassie Yates, Al Ruscio, Lela Ivey, Matthias Hues, Larry Storch, Michael Laskin, Barbara Pilavin, Janna Levinstein, Robert DoQui.


Note: Upgrade copy added on March 2nd with improved audio, many thanks to Tony.

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  1. Tony S.
    February 7, 2021

    Here is an upgrade.

    The voices in this film were muffled, so I did the same thing I did with the last one, I upgraded sound-wise, “No Picnic,” back in 2019. I raised the volume, altered the EQ, and did some limiting. Finally, I sharpened the picture so it’s all a bit clearer.

    Glad to see your site back up and running.

    • Jon W.
      March 6, 2021

      Thank you! I sent you an email don’t know if you saw it but was wondering if you could help me with a film I need to improve the audio badly before I can post it here, it’s very poor and I really don’t want to post it like that, would really appreciate it if you can help.
      Thanks again,

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