La valigia dei sogni (1953)


The protagonist of this film is a former silent film actor who has saved old movies of his time from destruction, and uses them to set up recreational performances at schools. After an accidental fire and the risk of prison, he meets a rich producer who helps him to build a film museum.

Director: Luigi Comencini.
Stars: Umberto Melnati, Maria Pia Casilio, Roberto Risso, Ludmilla Dudarova, Helena Makowska, Flora Mariel, Giulio Calì, Xenia Valderi, Giuseppe Chinnici, Nino Vingelli, Gemma Bolognesi, Pietro De Vico, Eugenia Tavani.


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  1. Roxey
    January 30, 2021

    Thank You for this wonderful, charming and sad film. Would love to see at the cinema along side Cinema Paradiso.

  2. Michael
    December 17, 2023

    A beautiful film, about the importance of saving old films and encapsulating the history of early Italian cinema within it. Thanks Jon, you are our own ‘Cavallieri Omiri’.

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