Las aguas bajan turbias (1952) AKA Dark River


The brothers Santos and Rufino Peralta are used like animals in the workplace at the Parana Stop. There they encounter enormous hardship and inhuman conditions of work as a consequence of the immense greed of the managers. A worker’s rebellion is maturing, to the point that it is developed into trade union of workers who respond against their grief. Finally, the workers plot a counterattack and punish their corrupt employers.

Director: Hugo del Carril. AKA Dark River.
Writers: Eduardo Borrás, Alfredo Varela (novel) (as Alfredo Varela hijo), Alfredo Varela (screenplay).
Stars: Hugo del Carril, Adriana Benetti, Raúl del Valle, Pedro Laxalt, Gloria Ferrandiz, Eloy Álvarez, Herminia Franco, Luis Otero, Joaquín Petrocino, Domingo Garibotto.

1952 Venice Film Festival – Nominated for the Golden Lion.



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  1. Wolfgang Jahn
    July 13, 2022

    Very very very powerful movie! Excellent, 10/10!!

    Reminds me of B. Travens “La rebelión de los colgados” from 1954.

    Jon, any chance this and LA ROSA BLANCE from 1961 could be uploaded? Both are on YT, but without sub’s and I neither speak nor understand Spanish. Both are fantastic movies, from what I read.

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