L’arcano incantatore (1996) AKA The Mysterious Enchanter


A seminary student, Giacomo Vigetti, is convicted by the Papal State of seducing a young girl. He is forced to flee and takes refuge with an excommunicated priest. Unfortunately, the priest was excommunicated for experimenting with the black arts. And soon Giacomo wishes they’d never met.

Director: Pupi Avati. AKA Arcane Sorcerer / The Mysterious Enchanter
Stars: Carlo Cecchi, Stefano Dionisi, Arnaldo Ninchi, Andrea Scorzoni, Consuelo Ferrara, Renzo Rinaldi, Massimo Sarchielli, Mario Erpichini, Vittorio Duse, Patrizia Sacchi, Eliana Miglio.


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  1. H2S
    May 5, 2020

    As Italian, by the same director, I can’t recommend you enough “LA CASA DALLE FINESTRE CHE RIDONO” aka “House with windows that laughed”, from 1976.
    Pupi Avati is a great director, with registers ranging from sentimental comedy to horror, with a passion for jazz, too

  2. The Fire Rises
    October 22, 2022

    I was having trouble sleeping, I started watching this and it knocked me right out within a few minutes. Highly recommend it if you have insomnia.

  3. Tony Williams
    December 9, 2023

    A distinctive work by a director who always supplies something different in his films. Thanks, again, for posting this.

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