The Vanquished (1953)


A Southern States official returns home after the Civil War and has to see that in his village the law is in the hands of a few scrupoulos people. 

Director: Edward Ludwig.
Stars: John Payne, Jan Sterling, Coleen Gray, Lyle Bettger, Willard Parker, Roy Gordon, John Dierkes, Charles Evans, Ellen Corby.


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  1. Arthur Maglen
    July 30, 2021

    Thanks so much for this film with Jan Sterling (and also RETURN FROM THE SEA 1954) – I recently became aware of Jan Sterling after watching a very powerful noir flick SPLIT SECOND (1953) in which she plays a dancer on her way to Vegas who ends up as part of a group of hostages in the path of an atomic bomb test.

    After that I resolved to find all of her films.

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