Die Unbekannte (1936) AKA The Unknown


The body of an unknown beautiful woman is fished out of the river and leaves the policemen wondering what drove the girl to such a grisly fate. The film then flashes back to months before, showing the torrid love affair between a young cabaret singer and a rich playboy that ultimately results in tragedy for the girl.

Director: Frank Wisbar. AKA The Unknown
Stars: Sybille Schmitz, Ilse Abel, Jean Galland, Edwin Jürgensen, Edwin Jürgensen, Aribert Mog, Lotte Spira, Karl Platen, Karel Stepanek, Karin Luesebrink, Herbert Spalke, Herbert Spalke, Günther Polensen, Hellmuth Passarge, Curd Jürgens, Lucy Millowitsch, Horst Breitkopf, Alfred Kiwitt.


Note: Here’s a very rare 1930s German film, it had no commercial exposure after the war due to the sad fact that the last 8 minutes have only survived without any sound. The copy isn’t perfectly sharp and has a timecode but it’s watchable, English subtiles courtesy of adomeit27@KG.

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  1. Steve Burstein
    March 1, 2020

    I wonder if the scientist with the English name choosing Germany as the hub of his research was the obligatory propaganda(assuming this does take place in Germany, because a lot of Nazi era German films took place abroad)?

  2. Steve Burstein
    March 1, 2020

    I wonder how parts of the soundtrack came to be lost?

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