Maya Darpan (1972)


In his debut feature film, Kumar Sahahani employs highly innovative forms for depicting the conflict between oppressive feudal norms and a changing industrial landscape while making female sexuality and its complex mindscape the focus. The protagonist, Taran, the younger daughter of a Rajasthani zamindar revolts against the social code set by the class system by a sexual encounter with an engineer. This film was one of the earlier and successful examples experimentation in colour during the advent of New Indian cinema.

Director: Kumar Shahani.
Stars: Aditi, Iqbalnath Kaul, Anil Pandya, Kanta Vyas.


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  1. Bodhi Amol
    February 17, 2023

    Hello, thanks for your wonderful movie archive!
    Unfortunatley there is something wrong with this file – downloaded it twice and still the same problem:It stops playing at around the middle of the movie and there is nothing i can do about it. Could you please check your file and reupload it, if it is in order and it is only an error in the upload?

    • Jon W.
      February 18, 2023

      Hi Bodhi,
      Can you tell me the exact timestamp where the movie stops? And also please check the file size of the file you downloaded, it should be 1.89gb, if it’s any less than this it’s because there was a problem with the download and it stopped suddenly so the file is corrupt and won’t play properly. Please let me know, I just downoaded it myself and it played fine with me, no stops at all.
      Thank you.

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