Da mao xian jia (1995) AKA The Adventurers


As the child of CIA operatives in Cambodia, Wai Lok Yan witnesses the brutal murder of his parents and sister by the traitor Ray Lui.  Twenty years later, both Yan and Ray are in Thailand; Yan as a military pilot, Ray as a billionaire arms smuggler.  With the help of his Uncle Shang and the CIA, Yan, as “Mandy Chan,” penetrates the Chinese underworld in order to seek his revenge against Ray. 

Director: Ringo Lam. AKA The Adventurers
Stars: Andy Lau, Rosamund Kwan, Chien-Lien Wu, Ron Yuan, George Cheung, David Chiang, John Ching, Paul Chun, Van Darkholme, Ka-Kui Ho, Phillip Ko, Ben Ng.


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  1. nolan
    September 1, 2019

    Ringo Lam was really in his bag in this! A film that really surprised me even as a Lam fanboy.. Enjoyed how he played with the chemistry of Andy Lau and Jacklyn Wu by building from their roles in A Moment of Romance–especially in the American arc of the film (even though I consider it the film’s weakest part). Adding Rosamund Kwan, in probably her best performance, into this dynamic was startling. Kwan gives us one of the most unhinged performances in all of Hong Kong cinema–many of my favourite parts of this film have to do with her.

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