Month: August 2019

August 31, 2019 / TV Movie

Based on a true story. After an adopted boy’s parents are killed, he and his grandfather go on the run to prevent the boy being handed into the state’s custody.

August 31, 2019 / TV Movie

Fresh out of law school, Kevan Harris is hired by her dead father’s ex-partner, Frank Murchison, and immediately ‘falls into bed’ with him. She then falls in love with his son, Gregory, who is fighting his father over his mother’s will. Along the way, she learns about her father and his relationship with the ruthless Murchison.

August 31, 2019 / Arthouse

In the summer of 1967, journalist Katharina is visited in Munich by her French friend, Anne. They take day trips and visit cafés, acquaintances and parties. In a series of conversations, they talk about the chances for female emancipation in a male-dominated society… This essay film puts five different types of women at the centre of the episodic narrative – an unmarried professional woman, a divorcee confused about her future, a career woman, a deceived wife and a “dream woman”

August 31, 2019 / Comedy

A young man lives with his attractive female cousin who is a student of the occult. She is at odds with her cousin’s sometime girlfriend who, if anything is an avid student of the same material. He hasn’t the money nor the connections to keep up with his girlfriend’s high style. The man finds a letter from a mysterious ‘Butterfly’ and decides to write back– with dramatic and sometimes terrifying results.

August 31, 2019 / Arthouse

Mathias is a Belgian linguist, living with French theatre producer Anne. After a quarrel about moral questions, they take a train to attend a congress. While Mathias sleeps, Anne disappears. The train stops in the middle of the country and Mathias gets off the train with an older man, Hernhutter, and a young one, Val. The train moves off without them being able to catch it up. They will find a village, but cannot get any help because they do not understand a word of what the inhabitants say…

August 31, 2019 / Drama
August 29, 2019 / TV Movie

When Gus Steward’s wife announces that she wants to divorce him, he starts thinking about committing suicide. His 14 year old son Alex notices this and desperately tries to prevent him from doing so and to give his father *a reason to live*.

August 25, 2019 / Drama

An industrialist and a pianist meet on a trip and fall in love. Through a quirk of fate, they are reported dead in a crash though they weren’t on the plane. This gives them the opportunity to live together free from their previous lives. Unfortunately, this artificial arrangement leads to greater and greater stress. Eventually the situation collapses when they come to pursue their original, individual interests without choosing a common path.