The Long Rope (1961)


A federal judge is sent to a town to preside in a murder trial. He discovers that the defendant, a poor Mexican, is accused of killing the brother of a powerful landowner, and the townspeople are in no mood for the niceties of a trial. The judge, who has come to believe the accused is innocent of the murder, has to find the real killer before the defendant is railroaded to the gallows.

Director: William Witney.
Writer: Robert Hamner.
Stars: Hugh Marlowe, Alan Hale Jr., Robert J. Wilke, Chris Robinson,William Kerwin, Jeff Morris, Lisa Montell, David Renard, Madeleine Taylor Holmes, John A. Alonzo, Jack Powers, Kathryn Hart, Jack Carlin, Scott Randall, Steve Welles.


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  1. Tim Peelman
    February 6, 2021

    I think this is regarding “the long rope?”…. allow Me to inquire about…… please, is this the cleanest and “Controlled” form of humor I like to refer to as “I can really smell that now, I guess everyone’s safe……..”
    It’s priceless, I’ve restarted 2X so far.

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