Sin (1971) AKA Restless / The Beloved


When Orestes returns to his Greek island homeland after several years in London to settle his late father’s estate, he begins an affair with Elena, who is married to his childhood friend Yanni. Their adultery soon leads to violence and crime.

Director: George P. Cosmatos. AKA Restless / The Beloved
Writers: George P. Cosmatos.
Stars: Raquel Welch, Richard Johnson, Jack Hawkins, Flora Robson, Renato Romano, Dimitris Hadjivangelou, Maro Kafkaridou, Dinos Layras, Andreas Nicolis, Elli Panayotou, Françoise Pascal, Elena Tournazi, Ismene Zachariadou, Lenia Sorocou, Natalia Stefanou.

Cinematographer: Marcello Gatti (DP).
Composer: Giannis Markopoulos.


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