Brink! (1998)


Andy “Brink” Brinker is the leader of a group of inline skaters who disapprove of corporate sponsorship, believing that skating should be done for fun rather than profit. But when Brink’s family starts having financial problems, he’s forced to compromise his principles and join a sponsored team led by the arrogant Val. Not knowing his motivation, Brink’s friends are stunned by the decision and collectively shun him until the truth comes out.

Director: Greg Beeman.
Stars: Erik von Detten, Sam Horrigan, Christina Vidal, Robin Riker, Geoffrey Blake, Patrick Levis, Joey Simmrin, Asher Gold, Walter Jones, Katie Volding, David Graf, Jake Elliot, Brian Fenwick, Neil Daly, Tom Virtue.


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  1. Sean Ramsdell
    June 1, 2024

    One of Disney’s original movies back in my time 🙂

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