The Tougher They Come (1950)


Set in a rugged Northwest logging camp, this drama follows the exploits of the lumberjack who inherits the camp. For a long time, he has been courting a pretty young thing, and now that she believes him wealthy, she decides to finally accept his proposal. When she finds out that the company has many financial woes and that living in the woods takes guts and courage, she turns into a nagging shrew, constantly urging him to sell-out to a major corporation. Meanwhile his treacherous foreman, an agent of the bigger company, uses sabotage to change the stubborn camp owner’s mind.

Director: Ray Nazarro.
Stars: Wayne Morris, Preston Foster, Kay Buckley, William Bishop, Frank McHugh, Gloria Henry, Mary Castle, Joseph Crehan, Frank O’Connor, Al Thompson, Al Bridge.


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  1. Steves
    April 26, 2019

    Some seldom seen flicks today. Many thanks!

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