Air Hostess (1949)


The Hansen School for Air Hostesses, operated by Celia Hansen, welcomes a new group of students; a librarian named Ruth Jackson; Lorraine Carter, a nurse; and Jennifer White, whose husband was an aviator killed in World War II. Ruth meets a smart-alec pilot, Dennis Hogan, but complications arise as Lorraine also has an interest in him. Jennifer meets a war-buddy of her husband, Fred MacCoy. All three women, with each other’s help, makes it through to graduation day.

Director: Lew Landers.
Stars: Gloria Henry, Ross Ford, Audrey Long, Marjorie Lord, William Wright, Ann Doran, Olive Deering, Leatrice Joy, Barbara Billingsley, Harry Tyler, Jessie Arnold, Irene Tedrow, Grady Sutton, Helen Mowery, Myron Healey, Sarah Edwards, Isabel Withers, Harry Cheshire.


Many thanks to “Movies Man” for sending me a copy of this movie.

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