The Wrong Man (1993)


US merchant sailor Alex Walker is stranded in Mexico, penniless and wanted by the police. He meets and joins up with an unlikely couple – aging but likable shit Phillip Mills and young sexy, frustated wife Missy. The three develop a curiously inter-dependent relationship. Meanwhile, Police Captain Diaz and Detective Ortega are closing in and the plot circle is closed at Tapachula rail station amidst a stack of mistakes and wrong decisions.

Director: Jim McBride.
Stars: Rosanna Arquette, Kevin Anderson, John Lithgow, Jorge Cervera Jr., Ernesto Laguardia, Robert Harper, Dolores Heredia, José Escandón, Álvaro Carcaño, Ted Swanson, Paco Morayta, Gerardo Zepeda, Pedro Altamirano, Anilú Pardo, Alejandro Bracho.


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