The Lemon Drop Kid (1934)


A con man gives a lemon candy to a paralyzed millionaire, assuring that it will cure him, and convinces him to give him a hundred dollars to bet on a horse. Wally knows that the horse can not win, but he bets on it anyway and his partner runs away with the money. Wally marries and has a son, but the woman dies during childbirth. His partner appears, who has married his lifelong girlfriend, and offers to take care of the child, but also the millionaire reappears, who has cured his ailment. Life changes for Wally.

Director: Marshall Neilan.
Stars: Lee Tracy, Helen Mack, William Frawley, Minna Gombell, Baby LeRoy, Kitty Kelly, Henry B. Walthall, Robert McWade, Clarence Wilson, Charles C. Wilson, Eddie Peabody, Edward LeSaint, Dell Henderson.


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  1. RdePGH
    November 7, 2018

    The still is actually Jack Haley and William Frawley from F-MAN (1936).

    • Jon W.
      November 7, 2018

      Thank you for letting me know, Ron, I didn’t know I found it on IMDB.
      I changed it I think it’s correct now.

  2. RdePGH
    November 7, 2018

    No problem – you do a great job and I am grateful for what you do!

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