Morgenrot (1933) AKA The Dawn


In 1915, Captain Liers, commander of a submarine is leaving his hometown, where he, his 2nd officer and the radio-operator, spend their shore leave. On patrol they sink a British armored cruiser, but while returning to their harbor, they’re attacked. They’re able to sink it, but the trap has alarmed a destroyer, that sinks their sub. The sub lays on the sea bed at 200 feet, and except for the bridge, it is full of water. 10 members of the crew survived, but there are only 8 rescue devices.

Director: Vernon Sewell & Gustav Ucicky. AKA The Dawn
Stars: Rudolf Forster, Fritz Genschow, Adele Sandrock, Camilla Spira, Paul Westermeier, Gerhard Bienert, Friedrich Gnaß, Franz Nicklisch, Hans Leibelt, Else Knott, Eduard von Winterstein, Charles Bush, Frank Perfitt, William Cavanagh.


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  1. simon shwimer
    October 28, 2018

    this is the first film that produced by the Nazi regime in 1933
    the story is about a ww1 German submarine crew during the war the sub is hit and some of the stuff have to b abandoned quite good drama and action of subs

  2. Photius
    January 11, 2021

    Where can I get German subtitles?

    • Jon W.
      January 11, 2021

      No idea, sorry, only English subs are available for this film it seems.

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