La tête contre les murs (1959) AKA Head Against the Wall


Francois is a French rebel-without-a-cause. He rides around on his motorbike in a leather jacket, goes to beatnik clubs and has casual relationships with girls like Stephanie. He spurns his wealthy lawyer father, who catches him stealing his money and burning some important legal documents. Determined to teach him a lesson, Francois’ father has him locked up in a mental institution under the supervision of the hard-line Dr. Varmont. Inside, Francois makes friends with another patient named Heurtevent, who, like him, dreams of escape. Together, they make a break for freedom…

Director: Georges Franju. AKA Head Against the Wall
Stars: Pierre Brasseur, Paul Meurisse, Jean-Pierre Mocky, Anouk Aimée, Jean Galland, Thomy Bourdelle, Jean Ozenne, Charles Aznavour, Rudy Lenoir, Roger Legris, Édith Scob.


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