Salty O’Rourke (1945)


Salty owes money to Doc Baxter; he and his pal Smitty have one month to pay up. They get a race horse and a disbarred jockey, Johnny Cates, who must fake his identity to race. Johnny and Salty both fall in love with Barbara Brooks and, to get even, Johnny considers throwing the horserace.

Director: Raoul Walsh.
Stars: Alan Ladd, Gail Russell, William Demarest, Stanley Clements, Bruce Cabot, Spring Byington, Rex Williams, Darryl Hickman, Marjorie Woodworth, Don Zelaya, Lester Matthews, William Forrest, William Murphy, Denis Brown.

1959 Academy Awards – Nominated for an Oscar for Best Writing, Original Screenplay (Milton Holmes).


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