Late Extra (1935)


Jim Martin, a reporter for the London Gazette, investigates what at first appears to be a simple stolen car case, but turns out to be complicated by bank robbery and the murder of a policeman by a man named Rudolf Weinhart. Jim’s girlfriend Janet Graham, also a reporter but one restricted to trivial items for children and housewives, wants to be included in the investigation. In the meantime, another reporter, Ronnie Carson, sabotages the investigation because he is in financial straits with the people Weinhart is working with.

Director: Albert Parker.
Stars: James Mason, Virginia Cherrill, Alastair Sim, Ian Colin, Clifford McLaglen, Cyril Chosack, David Horne, Antoinette Cellier, Donald Wolfit, Hannen Swaffer, Andreas Malandrinos, Edie Martin.


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