Les dernières vacances (1948) AKA The Last Vacation


For generations, the Torrignes family have lived in a splendid old house in the south of France. By the early 1930s, the family’s fortune has dried up and there is no other recourse than to sell the house. The present occupants are the widower and amateur photographer Walter Lherminier, his 16-year old daughter Juliette, and his elderly spinster sister Délie. For the last time, they invite the other members of the family to the house so that they can spend one last summer together. 

Director: Roger Leenhardt.
Stars: Odile Versois, Michel François, Jean Lara, Renée Devillers, Pierre Dux, Frédéric Munié, Raymond Farge, Marcelle Monthil, Christiane Barry, Berthe Bovy, Jean d’Yd, Didier d’Yd, Paul Faivre, Gérard Gervais, Arlette Wherly. AKA The Last Vacation


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  1. JW
    July 28, 2018

    Many thanks, Jon. Been wanting to see this one for quite a while. Much gratitude!

  2. James558
    July 28, 2018

    Great add. A lost classic that deserves to finally be discovered by people outside of France! Thank you, Jon.

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