A Reason to Live (1976)


Vince arranges to meet Chi Chi, who he is having an illicit affair with. But she is killed in an accident. Vince’s sister fails in a suicide attempt but dies by electrocution as fog descends on the town, after a storm in which Vince is killed.

Director: George Kuchar.
Stars: Maxine Duff-Davis, Marion Eaton, Curt McDowell, Marion Smith, Robbie Tucker.


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  1. June 13, 2018

    Hilarious 30 minute short by underground filmmaker George Kuchar. Something along the lines of John Waters but not quite as distasteful (other than the toilet scene!). A lot of the humor for me was the overblown score which sounded as if it was taken from turgid 40’s and 50’s melodramas. It also features the worst rendition I’ve ever heard of Grieg’s ‘Morning Mood’ from his Peer Gynt music. Filmmaking has been all about making money from the very beginning but some of the best films, like this and ‘Eraserhead’, come from artists who totally disregard the notion of commercial appeal. 8/10 Tornadoes

  2. dl alvarez
    March 12, 2020

    Wonderful! Passion and repulsion, life and death, these polarities connect through the conduit of weather, as if the air itself were electrically charged with molecules of lust, hope, and despair. Under Kuchar’s direction even foliage is melodramatic, even floorboards are potent.

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