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February 14, 2020 / Action
February 1, 2020 / Thriller

Three thugs–Tom, Dick and Harry (a woman)–break into the penthouse apartment of an adulterous couple and proceed to terrorize them, but as it turns out, things aren’t exactly what they seem to be.

January 12, 2020 / Drama

As the soirée goes on inside the elegant townhouse, why are people being rounded up in the street? And what is really being said behind the smokescreen of cultivated cocktail party chitchat about health clubs and island retreats? Employing the original cast from the Almeida Theatre production and directed by Pinter himself, this 1992 production of Party Time—a surreal drama of mannerly rudeness, emotional violence, and sexual tyranny—’bears all the hallmarks of Pinter’s strength,’ says critic Christopher Edwards, of The Spectator (London).

January 1, 2020 / Foreign

While his wife, Catherine, is finalizing their divorce, serial philanderer Andre invites his latest conquest, Catherine’s best friend, Patricia, over for dinner. Over the course of the evening, Andre shares his entire romantic history since first coming to London as a young man, including his liaisons with his former boss, a marriage-minded young girl and a kindhearted Frenchwoman.

January 1, 2020 / Drama

An aging actor remembers his past stage triumphs and contemplates a dim future on the stage of an empty theatre.

December 24, 2019 / TV Movie
December 18, 2019 / Thriller

Two sailors dock in London in search of a good time during their short stint on land. But when one of them fatally stabs a man during a scuffle in a bar, the pair flee the scene, commandeer a boat and take the three women on board hostage as they try to outrun the law.

December 18, 2019 / Drama

Two of the three principals in a used-car business plan to rob a chemical company’s safe of -£20,000 with the help of a professional criminal, Tracey (Hartnell). The plan is carried out while the honest principal, Miles (Drake), is away. Naturally, things go wrong for the crooks. Blonde bombshell Sue (Eaton), desired by all three principals, unwittingly complicates matter.