November 13, 2020 / Drama

Set in the late 17th century, on the Western coast of Africa, “Adangganan” is a provocative retelling of the African slave experience, based on facts. A rebellious young man, who refuses to marry his parents’ choice of a bride, flees his village one evening, only to return to find his father and girlfriend slain, his village destroyed and his mother captured by a tribe of Amazon warriors. His efforts to free his mother lead to the kingdom of Adanggaman, where captives are held before sale.

April 11, 2020 / Drama

In one of the rare films from Ivory Coast, director and writer Fadika Kramo-Lancine has focused on a common problem facing many African countries, the clash between tradition and its unwritten codes of conduct and the modern world with its own accepted modes of behaviour. Two people from the same village (and therefore, same tribe) meet while they are attending college and fall in love.

November 22, 2019 / Drama

Jean, the son of the richest businessman in Abidjan, has one passion: music. To his father despair, Jean spends most of his time preparing a musical comedy. After an argument, he leaves home. He is soon looked after by Josie, a charming and witty prostitute of Rue Princesse, the meeting place of the local society. This is the start of a series of love stories and incredible adventures. All these people deceive each other and, in their turn, are deceived in a jolly and humorous manner…