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April 21, 2022 / TV Movie

In flashback, the film traces the law-enforcement careers of African American Gregory Foster and Italian American Rocco Laurie. Friends as well as partners, Foster and Laurie endeavor to improve community relations in their crime-ridden Lower East Side precinct–which results in their being murdered by three militant extremists, who hope to intimidate the rest of the force (at the time the film was made, this motivation for the crime was still pure speculation). The killings have the opposite effect, as the rest of department rallies against its enemies, inspired by the memory of their fallen comrades. Foster and Laurie was based on the book by Al Silverman.

April 21, 2022 / TV Movie

Mario Dante is a crime boss in the mafia. He inherits a mob of his own, when his nephews and niece have to come and live with him. Along with Alice his girlfriend, they stumble through mishaps and learn to love each other.

April 7, 2022 / TV Movie

A weary young woman, Iris Brevard, is forced to move in with her overbearing mother, Min, following her husband’s suicide. She finds her only escape from her mother’s badgering is to verbally fight back and to hide herself in an alcoholic haze. Unfortunately, her young teen son, Lonnie, observes all of this and finds himself torn between the two women.

March 31, 2022 / TV Movie

The made-for-TV When She Says No takes a prismatic, Rashomon approach to its story of sexual assault. Kathleen Quinlan plays an anthropology professor who, during a roisterous campus party, has sex with three of her colleagues. She takes the matter to court, insisting that she’s been raped. The three men insist that Quinlan led them on–even when saying “no.” Both testimonies are presented in flashbacks which substantiate the words of whomever happens to be testifying. When She Says No refuses to cop out with easy answers: the “lady or the tiger” denouement allows the viewer to draw his or her own conclusion.

March 24, 2022 / Biography

Based on a short story by Paul Gallico, this drama stars Sissy Spacek as Verna Vane, a small-town girl who dreams of hitting it big in show business. Verna isn’t much of a singer or a dancer, but she is able to land a job with a U.S.O. troupe entertaining American soldiers in Europe during World War II. Verna imagines this is a major stepping stone in her career as an entertainer, but even though Maureen and Eddie, two veteran vaudevillians touring with Verna, know better, they don’t have the heart to tell her. While in Belgium, Verna meets Walter, a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army who becomes smitten with her. Verna: USO Girl was first aired in 1978 as part of the PBS series Great Performances.

March 24, 2022 / TV Movie

An unsuccessful middle-aged college professor commits suicide, leaving his wife to cope with guilt, shame, and an angry teenage son who blames her for his father’s death.

March 24, 2022 / Documentary

A “gentle rekindling of the human spirit” brought child survivors of the Buchenwald concentration camp out of despair and moved them to create remarkable lives for themselves. In The Boys of Buchenwald, they return to the homes in France which took them in after the war, and reconnect with fellow survivors whose friendships helped to heal their devastating losses.

March 23, 2022 / TV Movie

The true story of Stephanie Slater, a British estate agent who was kidnapped, raped, and held for ransom by Michael Sams, who imprisoned her in a coffin-like box for eight days.