Passion of Dracula (1980) Broadway on Showtime


The story opens in 1911 at Dr. Seward’s sanitarium. A sensual and charismatic vampire known as Count Dracula has already slain several girls on the English countryside. Abraham Van Helsing, with the help of Dr. Cedric Seward, Lord Gordon Godalming, Jonathan Harker, Freudian psychologist Helga Van Zandt and the reluctant Renfield try to stop Count Dracula from making the lovely Wilhelmina his next willing victim.

Director: Bob Hall.
Writers: Bob Hall, David Richmond, Bram Stoker (original author).
Stars: Brian Bell, Christopher Bernau, Gordon Chater, Julia MacKenzie, Samuel Maupin, Malachi Throne, Elliot Vileen, Alice B. White, K.C. Wilson.


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Language: English | Subtitles: None

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Many thanks to Michael for the copy. The quality for this one is quite poor although sound is decent, still very much watchable especially when you consider that many of these ’80s Showtime productions never got any sort of release in home video so finding any copy at all is pretty much a miracle! Thanks again Michael for this treat!

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