The World is Watching (1988)


The World is Watching is a political film about the moral issues surrounding news gathering and newsmaking in the electronic age. Who decides what constitutes the news? How do they decide? And what about the men and women who report from the field. Are foreign correspondents allowed to tell all that they see? The film examines these complex issues by focusing on several international journalists in Nicaragua as they cover the negotiations surrounding the Arias Peace Plan in November 1987. With unprecedented access to the inner workings of ABC News, what follows is a unique portrait of a news crew in the field, as it interacts with the editorial process in the newsroom in New York City.

Director: Peter Raymont.
Writers: Harold Crooks, Peter Raymont.
Stars: Elizabeth Gray (narrator).
Cinematographers: Jonathan Bloom (as Jonathan Collinson), Martin Duckworth, Dan Holmberg.
Composer: Doug Wilde.

1988 Chicago International Film Festival – Winner of the Gold Hugo for Best Documentary.


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  1. Pablo
    November 18, 2023

    Fun fact: John Quiñones host of the famous hidden camera television series “What Would You Do?”. And it is funny as fuck

  2. Rhys
    February 8, 2024

    I’d really appreciate a reupload of The World is Watching. Thank you!

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