Heatwave (1982)


During a sweltering Sydney summer, architect Stephen West faces determined community opposition to his greatest opus, a $200 million inner-city development called the Eden Project. The developer, Peter Houseman, hires goons to forcibly remove squatters and protesters from a line of old terraces that are to be demolished. Local newspaper publisher Mary Ford enlists union help to ban work on the project. Fiery activist Kate Dean rallies the divided residents, some of whom want to sell out. At a swanky Christmas party, she poses as a waitress in order to tip food over Houseman. When Ford disappears, architect West and activist Dean become uneasy allies in an attempt to find out what happened. 

Director: Phillip Noyce.
Writers: Marc Rosenberg & Phillip Noyce (screenplay), Mark Stiles & Tim Gooding (based on an original screenplay by).
Stars: Judy Davis, Richard Moir, Chris Haywood, Bill Hunter, John Gregg, Anna Maria Monticelli, John Meillon, Dennis Miller, Peter Hehir, Carole Skinner, Gillian Jones, Frank Gallacher, Tui Bow, Don Crosby, Lynette Curran, Graham Rouse, Paul Chubb, Vic Rooney, P.J. Jones, Gary Waddell, Alistair Duncan, Mercia Deane-Johns, Peter Williams, Robyn Moase, Bill Bader, Lloyd Scott, Robert Menzies, Kerry McGuire, Anna North, Mike Harris, Margo Lee, Bill McCluskey, Kathy Klinger, Joy Smithers, Ian Nimmo, Danny Costi, Richard Gilbert, Frankie Johns, Mark Allan, Frankie Johns, Phillip De Carle, Fred Welsh, Bill Lyle, Jim Karangis, Kati Edwards, Colin Yarwood, Frank Jaymes, Cecil Bratton, Janet Foye, Anna Taranto, Barbara Pappas, Elsa Wunder, Scott Griffiths, Sandy Parker, Frank Austin, Evelyn Docker, Elizabeth Burton, Simon Reptile, Bernard Curran, Alexander Economos, Karen Herbert, Rosa Martini, Nico Lisena, Alice Lodge, Samantha Rebillet, Michelle Linley.
Cinematographer: Vincent Monton.
Composer: Cameron Allan.


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One Comment

  1. Wolfgang Jahn
    November 29, 2023

    Bloody good neo noir: 👏👍 9/10.

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