Night of Courage (1987)


An old man is outraged at the city when a teenage boy is beaten to death after being denied refuge in the old man’s home. A young teacher is determined to learn the truth about the murder of one of his students, a Hispanic teenager, who is beaten to death in a racial attack. He was denied refuge in the home of an old man and his wife.

Director: Elliot Silverstein.
Writer: Bryan Williams (play & teleplay).
Stars: David Hernandez, Lili Taylor, Bernard Hughes, Daniel Hugh Kelly, Ramiro Darrillo, Kevin Dunn, Geraldine Fitzgerald, Holly Fulger, Irene González, Sunnie Hikawa, Tom Hodges,  Alana King, Kurt Naebig, Tony Olivieri, Alba Oms, Pedro Quintero, Chelcie Ross, Dick Sasso, Jennifer Scott, Michael Stoyanov, Gail Tangeros, Willie J. Walton, Scott Whithead, D. Danny Warhol.


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