The Face of Rage (1983)


Filmed in quasi-documentary fashion, the made-for-TV The Face of Rage is set in a rehabilitation facility. Here a group of rapists are required to confront their victims face-to-face. The film concentrates on the bitter verbal sparring session between assaulter Richard and assaultee Rebecca. Director Donald Wrye co-wrote the screenplay for Face of Rage with Hal Sitowicz, drawing much of the dialogue from real-life transcripts.

Director: Donald Wrye.
Writers: Hal Sitowitz, Donald Wrye.
Stars: Dianne Wiest, Graham Beckel, Jeffrey DeMunn, George Dzundza, Danny Glover, Keith Szarabajka, Lorraine Toussaint, Thomas G. Waites, Mat Hames, Melanie Haynes, John Glover, John Goodman, Richard Lapp, Nat Leakey, Suzi McLaughlin, David Meece, Mandy Miller, Terri Wilhelm, Don Wyse.


Big thanks to Chris for the help improving the image quality of this very rare TV movie, the source file was already pretty rough so there was not much that could be done but it’s watchable, if anyone out there has a better copy please contact me. Thank you and enjoy.

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