Jane (1962)


Jane Fonda rehearses for the stage play Fun Couple, which is her first starring role on Broadway. As the daughter of the famous Henry Fonda, Jane strives to prove her acting chops in live theater; for her, the real measure of success. The film follows Jane through demanding rehearsals, testing the play for live audiences and, finally, opening night in New York. Though her show opens to devastating reviews, Jane’s love of acting, her determination and her resilience shine through the biting criticism. Takes viewers backstage and behind the scences with a surprisingly endearing young actress. Jane captures the earliest stirrings of the star Jane Fonda would become.

Directors: D.A. Pennebaker, Richard Leacock, Gregory Shuker, Abbott Mills.
Stars: Jane Fonda, Dyan Cannon, Bradford Dillman, Walter Kerr, Madeleine Sherwood, Lee Strasberg, Andréas Voutsinas.


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  1. Mickey Birnbaum
    May 15, 2022

    Wow! Never even knew this existed. Many, many thanks.

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