Wild Iris (2001)


A weary young woman, Iris Brevard, is forced to move in with her overbearing mother, Min, following her husband’s suicide. She finds her only escape from her mother’s badgering is to verbally fight back and to hide herself in an alcoholic haze. Unfortunately, her young teen son, Lonnie, observes all of this and finds himself torn between the two women.

Director: Daniel Petrie.
Writer: Kent Broadhurst.
Stars: Gena Rowlands, Laura Linney, Emile Hirsch, Fred Ward, Lee Tergesen, Miguel Sandoval, Scott Gibson, Amy Stewart, Michael McLachlan, Philip Eddolls, Nathan Hoppe, Peter Costigan, Caroline Gillis, Boyd Banks, Ingrid Veninger, Judy Sinclair, Gerry Mendicino, Darren Frost.


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