Kentucky Pride (1925)


This little-seen gem by John Ford tells the story of a thoroughbred largely through the point of view of the horse, who casts her animal gaze on the troubled family of Southern aristocrats who own, sell, and eventually reclaim her, as her colt becomes a futurity winner.

Director: John Ford.
Writers: Dorothy Yost (story and scenario), Elizabeth Pickett (titles).
Stars: Gertrude Astor, J. Farrell MacDonald, Henry B. Walthall, Peaches Jackson, Man o’war, Malcolm Waite, Belle Stoddard, George Reed, Winston Miller.


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  1. Patrick Trimble
    April 10, 2022

    A delight to see this very old, rare John Ford film from 1925. True it is still vintage and a bit sentimental in the way of most Ford films, but he tells a joyous, wholesome racing tale with a wonderful performance from J. Farrell MacDonald as an old racetrack trainer/Irish cop who knows his way around a camera. He does more with one set of eyebrows than any three actors. Forget some of the silliness and enjoy the fast pace and energy of the filmmaking. Thanks for posting this Jon!

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