Word of Honor (1981)


A reporter refuses to reveal his source in the case of the murder of a young girl. As a result, he and his family are shunned by the residents of the small town in which they live. Virtually no one comes to his daughter’s wedding, and at his office, the police search his desk, and his boss threatens to fire him.

Director: Mel Damski.
Writers: David Ackles, Douglas Graham, I.C. Rapoport.
Stars: Karl Malden, Rue McClanahan, Ron Silver, Largo Woodruff, Alexa Kenin, Jacqueline Brookes, Jeffrey DeMunn, Henderson Forsythe, John Marley, Dan Lounsbery, John Malkovich, Betsy Baker, Thomas D. Mahard, Dan Crane.


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  1. Tony S.
    February 14, 2022

    This was a real find. First-rate TV movie about a reporter who breaks a big story but will not reveal his source when the court tries to force his hand.

    This came on the heels of the big screen film “Absence Of Malice” and aired during the run of “Lou Grant,” so newspaper ethics were definitely in the public’s eye in this time period.

    Having been a teenager then, I’d venture to say this movie is even better than what was playing in theaters in 1981. A must-see. And keep an eye out for a young John Malkovich, who makes the most of his low-key role as groom-t0-be.

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