Train Ride (2005)


An off-campus get together goes horribly wrong for college freshman Katrina when Will, a sociopath senior, drugs her then joins his boys in brutally attacking her. What follows is a riveting thriller of betrayal, survival, and justice as Katrina wages the battle of her life.

Director: Rel Dowdell.
Writer: Rel Dowdell.
Stars: Wood Harris, M.C. Lyte, Esther Rolle, KaDee Strickland, Kevin Watson, Terence ‘Tat Money’ Thomas, Nicole Prescott, Sabine Lamy, Earl Jones, Greg Horos, Russell Hornsby, Anika Hawkins, Johnnie Hobbs Jr., Guru, Sabela Grimes, Rel Dowdell, Joe Clair, Thomas Braxton Jr., Dakota Anderson.


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