Anybody’s Nightmare (2001)


A day trip leads to nightmare as an elderly woman is found dead in suspicious circumstances, and the finger of blame points squarely at her respectable niece. Drama based on the true story of piano teacher Sheila Fowler, whose conviction for murder on the age-old grounds of greed led to a life sentence only overturned by years of tireless campaigning on the part of her friends.

Director: Tristram Powell.
Writers: John Flanagan, Andrew McCulloch.
Stars: Patricia Routledge, Georgina Sutclif, Thomas Arnold, Jean Ainslie, David Calder, Malcolm Sinclair, William Armstrong, Nicola Redmond, Albert Welling, Scott Baker, Louisa Millwood-Haigh, Anne Carroll, Michael Culver, Peter Halliday, Rashid Karapiet, Valerie Lilley.


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    September 25, 2021

    ANYTHING to help purge the Horrendous Hyacinth Bucket from my psyche — LOL!

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