Rebus (1968) [English dub]


When an international casino crime ring is planning a big score at a fixed roulette game, the casino police enlists the help of Jeff Miller, an alcoholic croupier, to nab the bad guys. Jeff is attracted to Laura, a singer at the casino, but she prefers the company of the leader of the thieving casino ring.

Director: Nino Zanchin. AKA Appointment in Beirut.
Writers: Pietro Catella (story), Manfred R. Köhler (writer), Juan Cesarabea, Sergio Donati, José Gutiérrez Maesso, Leonardo Martín & Mario Rossi (screenplay).
Stars: Laurence Harvey, Ann-Margret, José Calvo, Alberto de Mendoza, Ivan Desny, Camilla Horn, Luis Morris, Luis Dávila, Milo Quesada, Andrea Bosic, Jan Hendriks, Lisa Halvorsen.


Note: Many thanks to janus2810 @CG for creating this great copy, this is the uncut version and with the best quality possible, it combines an uncut Spanish widescreen TVrip with the English audio track from a VHS release of the film, unfortunately the English version was 20 minutes shorter so there’s a few scenes on this copy that are in Spanish without subtitles but in my opinion it is still better than watching the old and crappy VHS transfer with the wrong AR. Enjoy! 🙂

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