Never Look Back (2000)


Jailed ex-fighter Donavan Wallace strikes a deal with the prison warden for early parole – he is to go into a town to pick up a mysterious crate. He finds himself framed for the murder of a local waitress but before being thrown behind bars once again he is able to retrieve, and then hide, the crate. Donavan manages to break free from jail but finds himself pursued by various conspirators who are after the contents of the crate.

Directors: Mike Tristano & Frank Zagarino.
Writers: Terry Cunningham, David Dadon & Mark Anthony Galluzzo.
Stars: Frank Zagarino, Charles Napier, Charles Durning, Burt Young, Brett Baxter Clark, Jeff Rector, Elizabeth Zagarino, Neil Delama, William Smith, Vernon Wells, Rick Deats, Nils Allen Stewart, Lisa Comshaw, Angie Diamond, Marc Gunther, Mickey Jones, David Gene Gibbs.


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