Zuckerbaby (1985) [Upgrade] AKA Sugarbaby


An asocial, overweight German woman lives in a large city. Unfortunately despite her kind and intelligent personality, she has had a lot of trouble making a connection with people, until she gets a crush on a handsome subway conductor.

Director: Percy Adlon. AKA Sugarbaby
Writers: Percy Adlon, Gwendolyn von Ambesser (additional writer).
Stars: Marianne S├Ągebrecht, Eisi Gulp, Toni Berger, Manuela Denz, Will Spindler, Hans Stadlbauer.


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One Comment

    April 15, 2021

    Nice to see this once again in such a good upgrade.
    Would love to see Aldon’s CELESTE (1980), his now near-evaporated from sight drama concerning Marcel Proust and his extraordinary, confidante housekeeper/secretary, the essayist and writer Celeste Albaret

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