She’s in the Army Now (1981)


Cass, Rita, Sylvie, Virginia, and Yvette, are five beautiful Women’s Army Corps recruits attached to the United States Army’s 3rd Platoon of Alpha Company at Fort Jackson. Although they are raw recruits, their drill sergeant, Sgt. Reed sees them as future soldiers. The proposal relates the women’s efforts to train to become soldiers while also dealing with their personal problems. During and by the end of their basic training, they discover that a soldier’s life is more than a uniform and that strength doesn’t always depend on the size of their muscles.

Director: Hy Averback.
Writers: Earl W. Wallace.
Stars: Kathleen Quinlan, Jamie Lee Curtis, Susan Blanchard, Melanie Griffith, Julie Carmen, Janet MacLachlan, Dale Robinette, Robert Pierce, Barbara Lynn Block, Steven bauer, Douglas Dirkson, Damita Jo Freeman, Susan Barnes.


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