Sorry, Wrong Number (1989)


Based on a famous play, follows a bedridden wife who overhears a murder plan on her phone. She tries to piece the puzzle together and prevent it.

Director: Tony Wharmby.
Writers: Lucille Fletcher (earlier screenplay from radio play), Ann Louise Bardach (teleplay).
Stars: Loni Anderson, Carl Weintraub, Patrick Macnee, Diane D’Aquila, Miguel Fernandes, Hal Holbrook, Helen Hughes, Harvey Atkin, Alan Jordan, Barry Flatman, Bernard Behrens, Geoffrey Bowes, Ted Simonett, Keri Lyn, Marilyn Peppiatt.


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  1. Sue
    February 10, 2021

    What a strange cast! I never knew this movie existed. Thanks!

  2. A. Moore
    July 28, 2021

    Great watching this again! Haven’t seen it since I was 7 years old. My mother had it on VHS (she taped it on USA network) and it was one of her favorites to watch.

    Seeing it again as an adult and actually understanding the plot fully was great lol

    Definitely a forgotten, underrated film.

  3. Lexi
    November 30, 2022

    I haven’t seen this since I was a kid! Watched it with my big sister one night, and haven’t been able to find it since.Thank you! My sister has passed away and it makes me so happy to watch this again, it brings back a very happy good memory.

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