Sunshine Susie (1931) AKA The Office Girl


A young German woman moves to Vienna to seek work. With the assistance of Herr Hassell, a friendly commissionaire and budding conductor, she gains a job as a typist with a banking firm. Unknown to her, the man she takes to be a lowly clerk with the company who romances her at the local beer garden. is in fact the bank’s director.

Director: Victor Saville. AKA The Office Girl
Writers: István Békeffy (operetta), Angus MacPhail (screenplay) (uncredited), Victor Saville (adaptation), Franz Schulz (screenplay: “Die Privatsekretärin”), Robert Stevenson (scenario), István Szomaházy (novel), Noel Wood-Smith (screenplay) (uncredited).
Stars: Renate Müller, Jack Hulbert, Owen Nares, Morris Harvey, Sybil Grove, Gladys Hamer, Daphne Scorer, Barbara Gott.



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