Sudden Death (1985)


Valarie is a happy, successful career woman, engaged to a charming and handsome man. She drives a great car and lives in a beautiful apartment. Then one night she hails the wrong taxi. She is brutally raped by the two car thieves who were taking a joyride. They leave her on the sidewalk to die after they’re done with her. When she recovers, her fiancée abandons her, and with the police unable to help much in tracking down her attackers, Valarie buys a gun and takes to the gritty streets after dark, luring and killing street thugs who accosted her while searching for the two thugs to get her revenge.

Director: Sig Shore.
Writer: Sig Shore (written by).
Stars: Denise Coward, Frank Runyeon, Jamie Tirelli, Robert Trumbull, Rebecca Hollen, J. Kenneth Campbell, Joe Maruzzo, Arnie Mazer, Gary Majchrazak, Tony Jaffe, Doug McCoy, Steve Wise, Laura Gardner, Mischa Bogin, Timothy Roselle.



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  1. September 7, 2023

    Does anyone know the lyrics to the movie’s soundtrack? It’s an awesome song!

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