En rade (1927) AKA Sea-Fever


The emotional and fearful relationship between a small bar waitress, bullied by her mother, distraught by her customers, the dockworkers, and Jean, the son of the laundress who dreams of other horizons. A simple-minded man interferes, fascinated by the young girl and the boats that are moving away.

Director: Alberto Cavalcanti. AKA Sea-Fever.
Writers: Alberto Cavalcanti, Claude Heymann.
Stars: Pierre Batcheff, Blanche Bernis, Nathalie Lissenko, Thomy Bourdelle, Georges Charlia, Philippe Hériat, Catherine Hessling, Pierre Hot.



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  1. Patrick Trimble
    October 23, 2021

    An early Cavalcanti film (I was unaware that he started in the silent film era) is an engaging story of damaged people in a port town trying to escape their despair in the empty lives they lead. It starts with a young man’s desire to go to sea and ends with failed love & tragedy for all. Within the story is Cavalcanti’s love of brilliant close-ups that reveal so much of the character’s passions. A good film for viewing. Thank you Jon.

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