Calypso Heat Wave (1957)


In this musical, calypso is all the rage when jukebox magnate Barney Pearl forces Mack Adams, owner of calypso-friendly Disco Records, to take him on as a partner. Pearl’s greed drives away Disco’s top singer, Johnny Conroy. Pearl loses his money, and then his girlfriend, when promoter Alex Nash makes her a star. Mack quits Disco and tracks down Johnny in the Caribbean, where they record authentic calypso and plan a comeback.

Director: Fred F. Sears.
Writers: David Chandler (screenplay), Orville H. Hampton (story).
Stars: Johnny Desmond, Merry Anders, Meg Myles, Paul Langton, Paul Langton, Michael Granger, George E. Stone, The Treniers, The Tarriers, The Hi-Los, Maya Angelou, Dick Whittinghill, Darla Hood, Pierce Lyden, Gil Perkins, William Challee, King Charles MacNiles, Alan Arkin (uncredited).



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