Les voleurs de la nuit (1984) [English dub] AKA Thieves After Dark


Young lovers on the run in Paris attempt to elude a number of sinister characters. French new-wave filmmaker Claude Chabrol, appearing in a bizarre role as a voyeur, is one of many in-jokes/references to Fuller’s fascination with European culture.

Director: Samuel Fuller. AKA Thieves After Dark
Writers: Olivier Beer (novel), Olivier Beer & Samuel Fuller (adaptation), Anne Dutter & Georges Dutter (translation: French).
Stars: Véronique Jannot, Bobby Di Cicco, Victor Lanoux, Stéphane Audran, Camille de Casabianca, Micheline Presle, Rachel Salik, Marthe Villalonga, Andréas Voutsinas, Claude Chabrol, Humbert Balsan, Gérard Boucaron, Isabelle Duby, Samantha Fuller, Steve Kalfa, Christa Lang.

1984 Berlin International Film Festival – Nominated for the Golden Bear.


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  1. Peter leiss
    February 16, 2024

    Pity about the terrible dubbing, otherwise I would love to watch this film.

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