Bells (1982) AKA Murder by Phone


A disgruntled phone company employee develops a device whereby those answering a phone can be murdered, and it’s up to Nat Bridger to stop the killer.

Director: Michael Anderson. AKA Murder by Phone
Writers: Michael Butler, Dennis Shryack & John Kent Harrison (screenplay), George Armondo, James Whiton, Michael Butler & Dennis Shryack (story).
Stars: Richard Chamberlain, John Houseman, Sara Botsford, Robin Gammell, Gary Reineke, Barry Morse, Alan Scarfe, James B. Douglas, Ken Pogue, Neil Munro, Jefferson Mappin, Tom Butler, Colin Fox, Luba Goy, Lenore Zann, Clare Coulter, George R. Robertson.


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    • Jon W.
      December 24, 2020

      Thanks for that, Dan, I corrected it.

  1. December 24, 2020

    This apparently is the original version. According to a reviewer on imdb the American release, Murder by Phone, ran for 78 minutes.

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